Margaret Pennyfather

Marketing Consultant for Small Business in Guelph

Marketing Consultant for Small Business in Guelph

Margaret Pennyfather started her working career like many others; her first job was in the local drugstore, working for the town’s mayor who happened to own the store. The first thing she learned was how important the customer was to the success of the business and that relationships were everything. She learned about finding needs, customer service, and the power of networking and local politics. A well-rounded education for anyone wishing for success in a network marketing company.

Marketing Network Associates

Based on the need for her skills and experience, and her commitment to offering her skills to help develop business in this area as a Strategic Marketing Consultant Margaret Pennyfather started Marketing Network Associates. Her provision of assistance as a Business Plan Consultant has led to very real success for a number of businesses.

Office: 519-822-3803
Cell: 519-362-5295